Fees & Charges

Account Fees & Charges Schedule

Membership Application Fee$1.00

Share Draft Fees

Draft (Check) Cost
*Additional styles available that the member can purchase.
One Box FREE Per Year
Overdraft Charge$25.00 each
“Courtesy pay”(non-return fee)$20.00 each
Returned Nonsufficient Fund Draft$45.00 each
Share Draft (check book) Balancing$10.00 hour
Stop Payment of Draft$5.00 each
Overdraft Transfer – Line of Credit Advance$5.00 each
Copy of Paid Draft$3.00 each
Overdraft Transfer from Shares$2.00 each
Account History 1 free per month$1.00

Automated Teller Machine (ATM) & Point of Sale/Debit Card*

ATM InquiriesFree
ATM/EFT WithdrawalsFree
Overdrawn Due to ATM or POS Transaction
(OPT-In) Option (if amt is $15 or more)
$20.00 each – New
No Off Line Limit, if no OPT-In on file$-0-
Non Credit Union member ATM Transaction fee$ 3.00
ATM Card (original cards)Free
ATM Replacement cards$5.00 each
Re-Issue PIN Number$5.00
Foreign Transaction Fee
* Point of Sale Purchases with Debit Card
(Must have checking/share draft account)
** The government-mandated rate in effect
for the applicable central processing date.
In each instance, plus 1.00%

Miscellaneous Fees

Deposit Items Returned$20.00 each
Money Orders$0.50 each
Land Contract Collection (per payment)$3.00
Collection of Utilitiesvaries
Collection of Utilities – Non-members (per bill)$1.00
Microfilm Copy Print-Outs$ 1.00 per page
Faxes$ .50
Dormant Account fee (monthly)$2.00
Garnishment/levy processing fee$25.00
Bad Address return fee$5.00
Wire Transfers
Outgoing$10.00 each
Overseas/foreign incomingFree
Notary ServiceFree
Guaranteed Signature StampFree
Guaranteed Signature Stamp – Non-members$50.00
ACH/EFT Withdrawals (Member Authorized) resulting in Overdrafts (NSF)$20.00 each
ACH/EFT Stop Authorizations$5.00 each
ACH/EFT NSF Return$20.00 each
Processing Fee-close & reopen new acct due to ACH problems/neglect$20.00 each
Corporate (Cashiers) Checks Issued under $100$2.00 each
Corporate (Cashiers) Checks Issued over $100Free
Non-Receipt of paid taxes (90 days past due) & Home Insurance$25.00
Non Useage fees ATM/Debit Card$2.00
Non Member Notary Service$10.00